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Below are brief descriptions of articles that you might find helpful and links to dowload the full articles. These articles are not intended to provide legal advice, but instead to provide general information that you may find useful in your practice.

"Can You Write Me a Letter For an Assistance Animal?" - Why Therapists Should Proceed with Caution

Legal and Ethical Guidance for the Provision of Teletherapy

Teletherapy is an emerging field for therapists, but there is limited guidance on how to ethically and legally provide these services.  This article provides an overview of where the laws and regulations currently stand and ways to provide teletherapy in an ethical and legal manner.
It is not uncommon for a therapy client to ask for a letter in support of an assistance animal for the purposes of housing.  This article explores some of the risks of writing such a letter and discusses a recent Colorado law imposing a duty on therapists who recieve such a request.

Five Risk Management Strategies for Mental Health Providers

Risk Management for Child Custody Evaluations

This article presents a very brief overview of five basic risk management strategies that every mental health professional can use to help mitigate the risks of operating a private practice.
Clients experiencing child custody disputes can be very challenging.  This article explores risk management strategies for professionals who provide child custody evaluations in Colorado.

House Bill 17-1011 Requires Action by Mental Health
Professionals in Colorado

Colorado’s House Bill 17-1011 has passed the Legislature and has been signed into law by the Governor. The purpose of the new law was to establish a statute of limitations for filing complaints with the licensing boards regarding the maintenance of records. However, this measure also requires mental health professionals to provide written notices to clients, in order to comply with the law.  This article defines the steps to take in order to comply with this new law.
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